ESA Associates

Marius Prinsloo

ISICEBI Wildboerdery

With 42 years experience in the conservation and agriculture sector in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, Marius has both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in cattle farming, wildlife management & breeding, landscape and species conservation and agriculture.

Leon Lourens

Wildlife Incubators / production

Leon is an industrial engineer and a leading incubation specialist in Africa with 30 years of professional experience; six as an incubator manager and nine as an international business incubation consultant. He is a certified Business Incubation Management trainer and coordinator for BI training in Africa for the World Bank.

Emlyn Clare-Talbot


With 46 years in the food industry, Emlyn’s skills include buying, customer base development, product development, production control, sourcing of products, market analysis, mentoring of emerging entrepreneurs, catering for the hawker market, purchasing trends and more.

Mali Mothiba

Cattle Farming

A former founding director and CFO of a large 100% black-owned cattle production and feed-lot company, Mali knows every point of the beef value chain. Since leaving the company he has worked with farmers across the continent, to build systems and operations that allow them to participate and where necessary establish their own beef value chains.

Nick Snaith


Nick is ESA’s specialist agronomist, an expert in food production systems, agri-forestry, and climate smart EcoFarms. Nick leads the implementation of the ESA business models, in conjunction with an extensive network of agricultural and wildlife specialists.

Martin Mhlongo


Martin is an expert in chicken husbandry and production, with extensive experience in the poultry value chain. His understanding of route to market, sustainable pricing, effective marketing, brand loyalty and profitability makes him well positioned to work with farmers from start up, to sale.