African Intergenerational Leadership Hub to launch in Limpopo

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The African Intergenerational Leadership Hub (AIGLI) brings together senior and young professionals from conservation institutions and senior and young community leaders to build intergenerational leadership capacity in the environmental sustainability and conservation arena. 

It is a collaborative initiative between the Southern African Wildlife College (based near Hoedspruit in the Greater Kruger), the Environmental Sustainability Agency and Common Purpose. It is funded by the MAVA Foundation via Peace Parks Foundation. Its programmes are focused in southern and east African conservation institutions and communities. 

Its key objective is to deliver leadership training to African conservation leaders and rural community leaders, across the boundaries of generation, discipline and sector, with diverse stakeholders. To achieve this, it presents two intergenerational leadership programmes:

  1. The African Intergenerational Conservation Leaders Programme, which offers leadership development for leaders who are formally in the conservation sector, and
  2. The Community Leaders Programme, which offers leadership development for leaders in particular, targeted communities.

The programme follows a blended learning approach, using the strengths of both online and face-to-face learning in a four-stage learning journey.

The first community leaders modules will initially run at project sites in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Limpopo, with the first one kicking off as scheduled on 29 January 2020 with the Kwa-Ximba community based in Kwa-Zulu Natal. It was conducted at the Mayibuye Game Reserve which is 100% owned by the community. 

The Mnisi Community Leadership Programme in Limpopo will begin as soon as it is permissible under new Covid-19 regulations. 

In Mayibuye, the programme brought together young and senior leaders from in and around Mayibuye community to break down barriers between generations and allow them to share their views about leadership, and learn from the stories of contributors and peers. 

“The process involves challenging them to think about leading beyond authority. It was a great success with 100% attendance from the candidates and rave reviews from them when assessing the workshop. Many noted that they had experienced a mind shift in how they perceived themselves, and the power of communication, coupled with the need to collaborate to resolve complex local conservation and community issues. We expect a similarly enthusiastic response in Limpopo,” said ESA’s Clive Poultney. 

The next module in Mayibuye will be delivered in mid-March. Between the two modules, candidates must identify and initiate a project in their community area and conduct two peer coaching sessions. 

“It is exciting to see the sparkle in people’s eyes knowing that the valuable information learned by the candidates will help them to deal decisively with their challenges to change and improve their lives,” said Poultney.

The African Intergenerational Conservation Leaders programme follows a different format, but aims to build a powerful synergy between the extensive African conservation networks and knowledge of the Southern African Wildlife College, the community knowledge and networks of the Environmental Sustainability Agency and the global leadership development expertise of Common Purpose

Look out for more updates on this initiative in the future as the programmes progress. 

For more information, email: or visit the SAWC website.

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